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Mount Gilead Estate fees

Mount Gilead Estate fees are transparent and competitive from our competitive incoming fees, to our low recurring fees or monthly contributions and low exit fees.   

Mount Gilead Estate recurring monthly fees start at less than $87 per week or $374 per month, offering great value and some of the lowest ongoing levies for retirement villages*. 

Recurring fees are monthly (or weekly) charges for the day-to-day cost of living at the estate.

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Calculating your fees

Operators are not legally allowed to make a profit from these fees.  The fees paid are calculated on actual costs and are calculated based on the square meterage of the home you move into.

Prior to your move-in day, this will be calculated for you. You can also request more information about the type of housing you’re interested in by contacting us via our online form.  

*The 2021 Property Census Report found the Sydney metropolitan average service fee paid for a two-bedroom independent living unit was $612 per month.

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What’s included in your recurring fees?

Monthly fees cover village costs for items such as common area electricity, gardening and maintenance of common areas, administration costs, council rates, buildings insurance, and costs to ensure compliance with obligations stipulated in legislation.

But at Mount Gilead Estate, you get a whole lot more than elsewhere.  This includes the facilities providing resort-style living as well as the following services.

Services included in your monthy fees

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Facility access included in ongoing contributions

Security of ongoing affordability

Affordability of a growing community

When you move into Mount Gilead Estate you are moving into a growing community. This means that future costs per resident are more easily maintained as these costs can be shared by increasing residents over time.

Our ongoing levies have not increased more than 7% in total over the last 5 years. This compares to a CPI increase of 14.5% over the same period. This means that it has remained more affordable to live at Mount Gilead Estate compared to many other villages in NSW.

Depending on the property type, this increase represents less than $6 per week in increased fees over 5 years.

Ingoing contribution

We have a range of housing options here at Mount Gilead Estate, providing the highest quality, affordable housing.

Our competitive ingoing contribution has made a great retirement more affordable too, for many residents.  Selling the family home, often at higher prices than it costs to move to the village, has given residents access to a ‘nest egg’ that otherwise would have not been accessible to them.  This has meant that they can live a great life in retirement and are able to enjoy all of the services and support they need.  

Exit and deferred management fee

There is an exit fee or deferred management fee that is paid when someone permanently vacates the village. This is calculated as a percentage of the sale price and is paid on a sliding scale based on how long someone has resided in the village.

At Mount Gilead Estate the exit fees are calculated as follows and capped at 30% of the sale price.

  • First Year -10%
  • Second Year – an additional 10%, bringing the total to 20%
  • Third Year – an additional 10%, bringing the total to 30%
Please note that for part-year periods, the fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis reflecting the number of days in that year that our residents have occupied their homes.

Financial benefits of living in a retirement village

Stamp duty

Unlike downsizing to a normal home, there is a $0 stamp duty to pay on retirement village apartments and homes in NSW and the ACT.

Transparent cost and pricing

You can benefit from a better quality of life and housing which has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of seniors when living at Mount Gilead Estate. The ingoing contribution (what you pay to live here) is also generally much lower than comparable homes in similar areas.

At Mount Gilead Estate you get full transparency of costs before you move in. We will calculate the amount you can expect to pay before, during, and after living in the village. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Competitive recurrent fees

Mount Gilead Estate has some of the lowest ongoing fees compared to other retirement villages.  And with more facilities than other retirement villages, large more spacious living, and a more vibrant community with value-add services, you’ll be amazed at how affordable it is.

Legal Disclaimer

The indicative fees provided on this website are for general information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Please note that the fees outlined herein may also be subject to formal legal disclosure requirements, further details of which are available upon request. We recommend seeking professional advice before making any financial decisions based on the indicative fees provided on this website and we disclaim all liability arising from any reliance placed on such information.

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